Plan for a flowering family garden around a villa in Rotterdam.

A colourful garden with paths to explore, to pick flowers from all year and a nice private backyard family lawn.

In the front yard large shrubs provide shielding from the street and create a sheltered atmosphere for the shade loving plants, while still being open enough to connect the garden to the nice park across the street and thus creating depth and a sense of naturalness.
The underplanting can be enjoyed from both inside the garden and outside the garden.

The floor plan of the garden is rectangular following the definition of the house but height and depth are more organically shaped, using the frame of trees, shrubs and perennials planted in large groups or mixed under and arround.

in the front yard The existing lime green variegated aucubas are used as starting point for the planting palette. with blues yellows and purples as flowering colours.

the suborder in the back is done in warm pink reds and purples while the backdrop of the lawn is predominantly flowering shrubs and some shade underplanting.

The maintenance will be done by the owner and a gardener. Installment will be late spring 2020